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AC Fiber Optic Current Sensors
Product Features Product Applications
All-fiber structure Smart grid
Easy to install and transport Rail transit
Insensitive to shock and vibration Electrolytic aluminum industry
Excellent temperature consistency and long term reliability Local area power control system
Integrated broadband wave plate Super large pulse current monitoring system
Main Technical Parameters
Installation AIS
Highest Voltage 10kV~1000kV
Rated Frequency 0~1500Hz
Rated Primary Current 1A~8000A
Rated Accuracy Limit Factor 1~30
Measurement Accuracy Class 0.2/0.2S
Protection Accuracy Class 5P/5TPE
Step Response Time 200us
Sampling Frequency 10kH or customization
Measuring Current Bandwidth(3dB) 5kHz or customization
Output Signal Protocol FT3 or customization
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Secondary Power Supply DC110V、DC220V、AC220V
Diameter of Fiber Optic Current Sensing Coils 80mm~1000mm or customization
Size of Signal Acquisition and Processing Unit Standard 2U rack, customized size