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Successful Installation for 1000KV GIS Out-Seizing-Up FOCT

Release time:2014-9-26

 Recently, the all-fiber optic current transformer independently developed by comcore intelligent technologies co., ltd. has been successfully installed in the 1000kV UHV test station of state grid. The transformer is an external all-fiber optic current transformer with flexible current sensing cable. Its biggest feature is that no power failure or opening of GIS tank is required. As long as the sensing cable is directly wound on the GIS tank or the incoming and outgoing lines of the current bus according to the designed winding number, and the protection structure of the upper external card can be installed. Therefore, the transformer is light in weight, easy to install, easy to maintain and upgrade, and suitable for other voltage grades. It should be noted that the accuracy of the transformer will not change before and after installation, which mainly depends on the long-term stability of the vibration and bending resistance of the special current sensing cable developed by kangkuo itself.